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SunGrown Zero is the best solution to indoor cultivators biggest problems – from COGs & energy use to brand differentiation & customer loyalty

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the SunGrown Zero system consists of three primary elements optimized for resource & operational efficiency

Site Design & Hardware

Each & every SunGrown Zero system is custom designed for the location and building type. Integrating the Tubular Daylighting Devices involves lighting space modeling & engineering. We can predict PAR levels at your location with hourly, daily and seasonal precision. These light intensity projections inform an optimal balance between the quantity & placement of tubes and the structural integrity of the roof.

Data & Grow Intelligence

The critical SG0 grow room intelligence component is our PAR-Link(TM) system. Setting PAR level thresholds and responsive artificial light intensity levels is directly related to the sites sunlight exposure. PAR-Link(TM) controls this energy-saving interaction. Additionally, your custom grow room intelligence will collect climate data (temp, humidity, VPD, CO2, PPFD) & energy use of each outlet or by rooms.

Operational SOPs & Trademarks

All SG0 sites using our SOPs & analysis techniques are eligible to license SG0 trademarks - including the SG0 logo & "powered by SunGrown Zero" that can be placed anywhere on your brands packaging. These certification marks indicate to consumers that your product was grown sustainably with limited impact both locally & globally.

profit margins?

energy costs & dropping wholesale values

SunGrown Zero is a new recipe for a more profitable farm. Stop worrying about your margins getting killed, because SG0 is designed around resource efficiency (reducing inputs, costs and labor time) & business resiliency (how well your operation adapt to external pressures from market).

Optimizing for resource efficiency results in SG0 facilities reducing energy costs by 80%+, in a 10,000 sq ft operation this is over $875,000/year in energy cost savings alone!

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What is SunGrown Zero?

the SunGrown Zero (SG0) system consists of our hybrid-light (or mixed-light, natural sun & LEDs) indoor cultivation facility design, standard operating procedures, on-going support & grow room intelligence data analytics & optimization.

compared to industry standard HPS facilities, the SG0 can achieve up to 80% COGs savings while improving your flower’s analytical profile and averaging less than 10 watts / sq ft. For a 10,000 sq ft facility, this is realized in an annual savings of ~$875,000 – cash back in your pocket, every year.

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