Ruben J. Lindo

  • Serial entrepreneur who has launched many successful businesses across several sectors
  • Consulted leading tech companies and government entities
  • Brings tech and construction experience to SunGrown Zero

Ruben J. Lindo is an experienced entrepreneur and professional who has been involved in successfully launching several startups. In 2015, Mr. Lindo launched the Lindo Cigar Company and ESSO Coffee Company. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Lindo has also started 2 restaurants and 2 technology businesses. He has served as an executive consultant and acquisition specialist through several acquisitions in the tech industry.  Mr. Lindo also has an extensive background in construction management working in leadership for Affordable Housing Concepts of NY and Domosport LLC.

Upon retiring from professional sports, Mr. Lindo decided to transition from the world of athletics to the world of business. Mr. Lindo has worked for industry giants such as Google, Epsilon, Standard and Poor’s, CITCO, Lewco Securities, Brown Brothers Harriman, and the SEC as a forensic technology investigator. Mr. Lindo holds an MBA in Finance and Management from Leonard M. Stern school at NYU.