Forces Shaping Sustainability in Cannabis Cultivation

The Cannabis Business Times is a wonderful resource for industry insider & industry operator articles. Their target audience is operators, not cannabis consumers. Therefore, they typically take deep dives into facility design choices and operational procedure optimization.

In collaboration with our friend Sam Milton of Climate Resources Group (Twitter), they recently published:

How Will Cultivators, Governments and Market Forces Shape Industry Sustainability?

The extent to which the legal cannabis industry embraces sustainability remains to be seen. But while there is a clear public interest in protecting those resources (and I argue there is), the questions for the legal cannabis industry are:

• What are the industry’s responsibilities toward these public resources?

• What is the role of government regulation in containing impacts?

• And to what extent can or should the industry rely on market forces to help it self-regulate?

Sam reviews “What does the “greater good” mean for the cannabis industry?” for:

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Waste


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Rolling Stone features Resource Efficiency, Indoor Cultivation & Operation…

‘LEED for Weed’: Can Pot Growers Save Money by Going Green?

Excellent feature on indoor agriculture facility design, namely artificial lights, and reducing costs with resource efficiency evaluation & optimization. The writing is on the wall – reduce your costs by more efficiently utilizing resources (inputs) or your operation will not survive next 2 years. Operational Resiliency depends on how quickly you can adopt efficient resource facility design & SOPs.

SunGrown Zero offers resource efficiency consulting and operations management services – learn more here.

Features our friends & collaborators at Resource Innovation Institute (RII).

The Cannabis Power Score tool is the first step in collecting & comparing different cultivation facility designs & energy, water & carbon use.

These days, pot growers don’t share the tricks of the trade like they used to. A decade or two back, marijuana cultivators would log onto forums and flip through the pages of High Times for tips on how to coax that good-good out of a simple seed. Weed’s illegality formed an underground brotherhood of gardeners, working together to fight the Man and stay small enough to avoid detection. But now that weed businesses are becoming bigger, more legitimate and more competitive, why let your rivals know how you do what you do – or even what you are doing at all?

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